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Work plan and Project Timeline


OCT. / NOV. 2021

Mediterranean Greece, and Spain

respectively, they configure a Journey to the origins of the West and a relevant historical context of hybrid cultures

Image source: Aigina Kolona. Accessed September 14, 2021.ΕΝ.jpg. 

Greece: Aegina Kolonna (Archaeological site); Rodakis House, and St. Dimitrios Loumbardiaris Church (vernacular with intervention by Dimitri Pikionis);
Aegina House-Studio (Aris Konstantinidis); Lythic House (Iason Tsironis)


Spain: Metropol Theatre (Josep Jujol), Igualada Cemetery (Enric Miralles/Carmen Pinós); Miró Foundation Palma, and Murcia City Hall (Rafael Moneo); Can Lis (Jørn Utzon);

Alicante University Rectorate (Álvaro Siza); Escuelas Pías (Alejandro Linazasoro) 



South America

cultural (and poetic) transfer of heritages (Judeo-Christian, Islam, Africa and the East in coexistence) and new amalgamation with Indigenous and

African cultures

Colombia: Niquia (Lorenzo Castro/Dicken Castro); Centro García Márquez (Rogelio Salmona); Centro de Memoria (Juan Pablo Ortíz); Biblioteca Parque Belen (Hiroshi Naito) 


Perú: UTEC (Grafton Architects)


Brazil: Casa Valeria Cirell (Lina Bo Bardi); Museu do Pampa (Marcelo Ferraz);

MuBe (Paulo Mendes da Rocha); Weekend House (spbr arquitectos);

Iberê Camargo Foundation (Álvaro Siza) 



Puerto Rico

pays a visit to a singular work that exhibits the territorialization and creative transculturation 

Image source: Kotoulas, Sotirios. Katherine Bernhardt House. Sotirioscorp. Accessed September 14, 2021. 

Puerto Rico: Katherine Bernhardt House (Sotirios Corp)



Canada and
the USA

a milieu which constitutes a relatively new centre of Western civilization nowadays experiencing massive welcoming of diasporic communities that are currently reshaping the notion of mainstream

culture itself

Image source: Barnes Foundation Exterior. Accessed September 14, 2021. 

USA and Canada: Barnes Foundation (Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects); Corkin Gallery (Shim & Sutcliffe Architects); House on Fox Lake (Williamson Chong Architects);

George Nakashima Woodworkers compound (George Nakashima)

Image source: Amoretti, Aldo. Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum. Architectural Review. Accessed September 14, 2021. 



Northern Europe and the UK

it traces through punctual examples of meaningful approaches to the evolution of modern tradition in the context of the crisis of the European city and the concept of Europe as such

Northern Europe and UK: Museum in Sauda (Peter Zumthor); Brick House and Bremer Landesbank Bank (Caruso St. John Architects)

The Poetics of Historicity and Tradition in Contemporary Architecture

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