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Carlos I. Rueda Plata, MArchII, PhD, BArch



Carlos is a licensed Architect in Colombia, with a Professional degree (Andes, Bogotá), a Master of Architecture (MArchII, McGill, 2001) and a PhD in History and Theory of Architecture (McGill, 2009). His doctoral dissertation was honoured with the ARCC King Medal of Excellence in Research in Architecture and Design (USA and Canadá, 2009). He taught at McGill university for 7 years and earned the (2015) Gerald Sheff Award for Part-Time Teaching. He has been guest lecturer and teacher at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, McGill University and UQAM (Montreal). UWO (London, On), Universidad de los Andes, Javeriana and UJTL (Bogotá). Dr Rueda has been published in Canada, Europe, and Colombia, was Catedrático Asociado y doctoral thesis advisor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá, 2011-2015). He currently holds the rank of Associate Professor (tenured) in Research Study Leave at the FAUM, University of Manitoba, after leading the Department of Architecture for over five years (2015-2020). Carlos Rueda has a book in preparation titled: Para-Doxa: Poetics and Historicity in Contemporary Architecture. Selectively, Carlos keeps a critical practice with his firm Monumental and in parallel develops creative projects that explore questions of method related to the poetics of material imagination and the representation of place and landscape. His work along this line I situated at the crossroads between phenomenology of place, cognitive studies, and theories in the art of poetry in literature      


Carlos es Arquitecto de la Universidad de los Andes, con Maestría en Vivienda (MArchII, 2001) y Doctorado en Teoría e Historia de la Arquitectura, McGill University, Montreal, Canadá (2009). Su Tesis doctoral galardonada con el premio ARCC King Medal a la excelencia en la investigación en arquitectura y diseño (Estados Unidos Y Canadá, 2009). Ha sido por 7 años catedrático de la universidad de McGill donde obtuvo la medalla Gerald Sheff (2015, Part-Time teaching). Ha sido conferencista y profesor invitado en el Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, las universidades McGill, y UQAM (Montreal), UWO (London, On), Universidad de los Andes, Javeriana y UJTL (Bogotá). El Doctor Rueda ha sido publicado en Canadá Europa y Colombia y fue Catedrático asociado y asesor de tesis del Doctorado en Arquitectura a Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2011-2015). Ha sido Director del Departamento de Arquitectura Universidad de Manitoba de 2015 a 2020. Se desempeña como Profesor Asociado (Associate Professor) actualmente en año sabático. Carlos Rueda se encuentra preparando un libro sobre poética e historicidad en la arquitectura contemporanea. Como Arquitecto Carlos mantiene una práctica en diseño critica y selectiva con su firma Monumental y en paralelo desarrolla projectos creativos que exploran cuestiones de método relativos a la poética de la imaginación material y la representación de lugar y paisaje. Su trabajo en esta línea se sitúa en el cruce entre la fenomenología del lugar, los estudios cognitivos, y teorías del arte poético en literatura.  

Lawrence Bird (Research Collaborator)
Ralph Daniel Gutierrez (Research Assistant)
Juan Andres Rueda (Cinematographer)




2001-2008         Ph.D. History and Theory of Architecture

McGill University, Montreal 

Thesis granted Dec., 2008 

2009 ARCC King Medal


Place-Making as World Re-creation: An Experiential Tale of Rogelio Salmona’s Places of Obliqueness and Desire. 

Subjects: contemporary Latin-American architecture generative process of design, technology (techné) phenomenology and historicity of place and architecture.        



2000-2001         Master of Architecture, M.Arch.II (Post-Professional degree) 

McGill University, Montreal   

Affordable Homes Program (North American housing)


1999                    Graduate Diploma  

Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

Estética y Arquitectura (Aesthetics and Architecture)   


1994-1995           Master Studies in History and Theory of Art and Architecture 

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá   


1984-1989           Architecture, Professional Degree 

Universidad de los Andes; Bogotá, Colombia  




Colombian and Canadian




1992                    Licensed architect by the:

Consejo Profesional Nacional de Arquitectura y sus Profesiones Auxiliares, Colombia (CPNAA)

Eligible for registration in North America    




University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


2020-2021         Associate Professor, tenured (on Research Study Leave)


2015-2020         Head, Department of Architecture

Universidad Piloto de Colombia (UPC), Bogotá


Associate Researcher 


2014-2021         Director “Paisaje Lugar y Territorio” (Landscape, Place, and Territory) research group                           (Architecture and MARQ.Programs )

2013-14             Founder Director Master of Architecture, MARQ (Post-Professional)

2011-13              Director, Part 2 Architecture Program (M.Arch equivalent, RIBA validated) 



Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Bogotá:


Associate Professor (tenured, part-time basis)


2011-2015            Thesis advisor in the doctoral and post-professional programs in History 

Theory of Arts and Architecture, and Master of Urban Design (MDU)

Studio instructor and History lecturer (historia de la arquitectura en Colombia y Latino America); 

Commissioned by UNAL to the (McGill University Rare Books collection) to prepare an exhibition on the work of Colombian-Canadian architect Alvaro Ortega  


McGill University, School of Architecture, Montreal: 


Adjunct Professor and Course lecturer


2014-15                Adjunct Professor


2003-2010          Adjunct Professor and Course Lecturer, McGill University School of 

Architecture and School of Urban Planning


2001-2008          Teaching Assistant, McGill University School of Architecture


Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño, Bogotá:


Adjunct and Visiting Professor


1999-2010           Visiting Professor, International Workshop on Architecture & Design, 

Universidad de los Andes, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 1999, 2005, 2010


1995                    Profesor de Cátedra (adjunct) 


Universidad Javeriana, Facultad de Arquitectura, Bogotá:


Adjunct Professor and Course Lecturer


2000                   Course Lecturer, Centro de Educación Continuada (Continuing Education),                

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia


1998-2000          Profesor de Cátedra, (adjunct) 


Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano (UJTL) Facultad de Arquitectura, Bogotá:


Adjunct Professor and Course Lecturer


1998-2000        Instructor de Curso (course lecturer) 

2010-2012         Profesor Catedratico Doctor (adjunct) 





Critical theory and history of modern and contemporary architecture in situations of ‘periphery’, hybridity and transculturation with an emphasis on Latin America; 

Pre-modern, and other than Western architecture (Pre-Hispanic and indigenous in particular); 

Design process and questions of creative method (or generative processes) of architectural works, with parallels between architecture, poetry, and cognitive studies; 

Studies on place and landscape from a phenomenological perspective. 

Ongoing Research Projects:


Para-Doxa[1]: The Poetics of Historicity[2] and Tradition[3] in Contemporary Architecture” with an 

initial set of case studies in South America, and the Mediterranean:  

Brazil: From Lina Bo Bardi to Marcelo Ferran; Paulo Mendes to Angelo Bucci (SPBR) and Alvaro Siza’s Ibere Camargo Foundation, Brazil/Portugal context of interinfluences. 

Colombia: From Dicken to Lorenzo Castro (tension between tradition and innovation); Rogelio Salmona and Juan P. Ortiz (syndetic approaches to the local)

Portugal & Spain: Fernando Tàvora to Alvaro Siza (syndesis of vernacular iberian, modern, and North-African traditions); Rafael Moneo to José Linazasoro (on ruins and contemporaneity)  

Greece: Dimitri Pikionis and Aris Kostantinidis, to emerging practices like Iason Tsironis 


“Place at the Threshold of Being: Unsettling Dimensions in the Search for Meaning in Austerlitz”:

A book chapter in an interdisciplinary (education and architecture) collection of essays on W.G. Sebald to be published in Unsettling Complacency, Hope and Ethical Responsibility in the Writing of W. G. Sebald. (Warren Crichlow co-editor):


Sendas de la Modernidad III: Paisaje y Espacio Colectivo en la Fundación Cristiana de Vivienda de Rogelio Salmona (Paths of Modernity III: Landscape and Collective Space in Fundación Cristiana de Vivienda by Rogelio Salmona):

A bilingual book on critical history of architecture (a micro-narrative) focused in an early work by Rogelio Salmona (1964) as it gives evidence of relevant concerns with the necessity of producing a qualitative experiential landscape in the context collective housing design.  

“Worlds:” prefiguring place-worlds (explorations on questions of method and 

re-creative and material imagination)


[1] Term borrowed from Paul Ricoeur in reference to his elaborations on the structure and role of metaphor; to metaphorize as essential creative human attribute and poetic activity. 

[2] Without any stylistic connotation, historicity is seen as immanence of history in who we are and what we do.  

[3] In this study the notion of tradition is specially indebted to Giorgio Agamben’s “the contemporary”

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